“We Are All Guilty of This” – Yomi Fabiyi Admits as He Recounts His Last Encounter with Late Jumoke Aderounmu

"We Are All Guilty of This" - Yomi Fabiyi Admits as He Recounts His Last Encounter with Late Jumoke Aderounmu

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has penned a lengthy post in honor of the late upcoming actress, Jumoke Aderounmu.

Taking to his Instagram page, he recounted his last encounter with the movie star, which was at his house in Gbagada. He disclosed that he was going through a tough time then when she visited him and saw his condition and encouraged her. Yomi stated that it was the same time Sotayo Gaga and Eni Ayenfe reached out to him and he would never forget their visits.

He admitted that many are guilty of the charade that comes with social media where one feels liking and commenting on their colleagues’ posts now means true friendship and loyalty.

Yomi made it known that he never heard that the actress was sick as she didn’t reach out. He noted how he would have moved and rallied others for her sake.

“Jumokeeee! The last time I saw you was when you came to visit when I used to live in Gbagada then. You saw my condition and told me to hang in there that it was a phase and I would come out stronger. Same time, @sotayogaga @eniayenfe_ot came and gave me some money to support. I can never forget those visits and concerns. It gave me hope and fortify my survival instinct. Thank you, guys.

Instagram, as in social media in general, the daily posts have killed many relationships. We have jettisoned the conventional friendship characteristics in the industry. Seeing a colleague’s post, liking, or commenting now means care, friendship, loyalty, keeping in touch, etc. Charade and total BS.

Whereas there could be serious pain behind some beautiful posts. We are all guilty of this. Jummy, I never heard a thing, you didn’t reach out. On a normal day, and you know, except you place a caveat, I would have moved and rallied others, and maybe Calvary would have surfaced.

So weak to post since. I just muster this little courage to post. Oga, oh, RIP for you, Jumoke. Death, keep a big distance from my loved ones, please. RIP Jumoke Aderounmu. Sun re oh

If I write a sentence as your tribute, I know you will reject”.


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