Media Personality Toolz Shares Discovery of 50k Naira Watermelon in Supermarket

Media Personality Toolz Shares Discovery of 50k Naira Watermelon in Supermarket

Popular Media Personality and OAP Toolz has revealed her encounter with a couple who were buying a watermelon worth 50,000 Naira.

Taking to the Xplatform, she revealed that she had gone to a supermarket recently and she had seen a couple in front of her who were buying an imported watermelon for 50,000 Naira. She also revealed that she had overheard them asking the cashier how much the watermelon was and when and the cashier had said 50,000.

She further expressed how she had shouted and reacted like an African mother which even got the couples looking at her.

In her words, she had this to say,

“ I went to a supermarket yesterday and saw a couple in front of me buy an imported watermelon of 50,000 Naira. I overheard them ask the cashier how much and she said 50,000. Ask me why I shouted like the African mother that I am. Like how sweet can a watermelon be?”

Now, also recall that back in October of 2022, Toolz had revealed that she would always choose money over fame. In an interview, while sharing her opinion about fame and money, she noted how fame without money was completely meaningless.

She also responded to a tweet that talks about being famous or being rich. She further compared fame without money to leasing an expensive car while living in a boy’s quarter.

Now, also recall that in January of 2024, Toolz had defended comedian Real Warrior Pikin following the body shaming comments. In her post, she told netizens to leave the comedian alone.

She also expressed that as long as Real Warri pikin was happy, that was all that mattered.


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