Phyna Confronts a Fan Who Wished Her Dead Following Her Recent Police Encounter

Phyna Confronts a Fan Who Wished Her Dead Following Her Recent Police Encounter

The former Big Brother Naija winner, Phyna, has always been a magnet for controversy, and her recent encounter with the police was no different. This incident gained widespread attention as the police, in a rather theatrical manner, claimed to be unfamiliar with her. In response to this, Phyna took it upon herself to clarify the situation and set the record straight through her social media platforms.

She disclosed that the police had started recording her, prompting her to retrieve her own phone and even initiate a live stream on social media. What added to the intrigue was her revelation that certain individuals in her life seemed to be encouraging the police to take action against her. It was at this point that the drama began to unfold.

Phyna expressed her bewilderment at the hate and negativity directed toward her and reminded everyone that she’s simply a past winner of Big Brother Naija. She couldn’t fathom the intensity of the animosity she was facing. In straightforward terms, she referred to her detractors as senseless and emphasized that she had ensured the police officer deleted the video he had taken of her.

The police officer, on the other hand, asserted that capturing images and videos of those they were monitoring was within the boundaries of the law. Phyna countered this by stating that she had never encountered such a law before but had made sure the video was erased.

Amidst all of this, she directly addressed those who had advocated for police action against her, humorously pointing out that if they were to take action against her, they might find themselves running out of the very air they breathe. The interaction with the police officer had turned into a perplexing clash of perspectives.


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