“Let’s pray for domestic violence victims” – Davido says as he labelled Wizkid “woman beater”

“Beg me like this if you want new song” – Wizkid tells his fans as he reignites beef with Davido with his shady video

In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian music sensation Davido has stirred controversy by labeling fellow artist Wizkid as a “woman beater.” The accusation came during a heated exchange on social media, where Davido called for prayers for victims of domestic violence while also taking aim at his rival.

The confrontation began when Davido urged his followers to pray for victims of domestic abuse, emphasizing the importance of supporting those who have suffered from such traumatic experiences. However, the message took a sharp turn when Davido directed his attention towards Wizkid, accusing him of being a perpetrator of domestic violence.

The accusation sent shockwaves through the music industry and sparked a fierce debate among fans and followers of both artists. While some supported Davido’s call for accountability and justice, others criticized him for making unsubstantiated claims and engaging in public mudslinging.

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