“At least I Dey Online, Any Of Your Artists Fit Buy Data?” – Peruzzi continue dragging Wizkid

“Swear say you no find me” - Peruzzi replies after Wizkid labelled him Pant washer

In the ever-dynamic landscape of Nigerian music, clashes between artists are not uncommon, often fueling heated debates and discussions among fans. The latest altercation to capture the attention of music enthusiasts involves Peruzzi and Wizkid, two prominent figures in the Afrobeat scene.

The drama unfolded on social media when Peruzzi took a swipe at Wizkid, questioning the purchasing power of artists associated with the acclaimed superstar. In a tweet that quickly went viral, Peruzzi taunted Wizkid, asserting his online presence and daring him to challenge the digital relevance of his own artists.

Peruzzi’s bold statement ignited a flurry of reactions from fans and followers, sparking speculation about the underlying tensions between the two artists. While the exact context of Peruzzi’s remarks remains unclear, many interpreted his comments as a direct challenge to Wizkid’s influence and authority within the music industry.

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