“If You Report Your Wife to Your Family, You Are Incompetent and Immature” – Pastor Jeph Amana

"If You Report Your Wife to Your Family, You Are Incompetent and Immature" - Pastor Jeph Amana

In a recent development, a pastor known as Joph Amana from grace faith international church has discharged an important advice to men.

He revealed that men who are quick to report their spouses to their family members are incompetent and do not deserve the respect of their spouses.

He further expressed that as a man you’re supposed to play the fatherly role to your wife and not supposed to resort to airing dirtt laundry about your partner with your family members as it could breed disrespect to them.

Also recall that a preacher known as Francisca Emmanuel had sparked reactions from Nigerian women when she stated that everything a woman owns belongs to her husband.

While speaking on a live video, she revealed that as a married woman, you are supposed to hand over the reins of everything you own to your husband.

She blatantly stated that everything a woman owns while in a marriage belongs solely to her husband.

She also revealed  that even if as a woman you are making more money than your husband and you have access to your own house, your own car and a paycheck, it should always be in your husband’s name.


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