“I Will Just Go to Hell” – Brymo’s Response to Whether He’ll Sign to Wizkid, Davido, or Burna Boy’s Record Label

"I Will Just Go to Hell": Brymo's Response to Whether He'll Sign to Wizkid, Davido, or Burna Boy's Record Label

Nigerian singer Brymo Lawale was recently interviewed, and he got to answer some interesting questions.

The interview started with a jaw dropper, where an old tweet of Brymo’s was brought to light, where he wrote that his career ended in 2013. After reading the tweet, the interviewer went on to ask Brymo which career he was referring to.

Brymo was asked by the interviewer if he thinks he’s too proud, and he replied in a sassy tone by saying that he wasn’t proud enough. The interviewer clapped back by asking him if that was the reason why he didn’t accept Portable’s help to bring back his career with a feature.

At some point during the interview, Brymo stated that he’s probably the best vocalist on the continent and a better song writer as well.

A situation where Brymo came late to a show and refused to apologize for the delay was also recounted, and in the brief clip, you could see Brymo introducing the crowd to his middle finger, without apologizing.

The interviewer then proceeded to ask Brymo whether for the sake of proving to Nigerians that he was a good person, he would join Wizkid, Burnaboy’s or Davido’s record label. Brymo replied by saying that he would rather go to hell.

Although Brymo’s last statement was a bit jarring, it doesn’t come as a surprise because the singer is known for saying shocking things.

Just last year, the singer invited the ire of Adekunle Gold, when he released a statement, saying that he turned down working with Simi because she refused to sleep with him. Brymo claimed that he prefers working with female singers he has slept with because they have a deeper connection with him. This statement didn’t sit well with Adekunle Gold, and he called him out.

Apart from Adekunle Gold and Simi, Brymo has had riffs with several celebrities, including Burnaboy, who wasted no time in insulting him and telling him that he fell off.


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