Iyabo ojo made my life completely miserable – Faith Morey reveals

Iyabo ojo made my life completely miserable – Faith Morey reveals

In a recent development, Real housewives of Lagos star Faith Morey has continued to shed more light on her and actress Iyabo Ojo’s tumultuous relationship while filming the reality show.

She disclosed in a recent interview that actress Iyabo Ojo had gone behind the scene to rally the housewives to side with her so yay she would not get any clip.

She revealed that the aim was to isolate and kill her character. She also revealed that she loved the questions that were asked during the reunion because it was based on why the viewers wanted to know.

She further expressed that Iyabo Ojo had done everything within her power to make her life completely miserable during the show.

Now recall that back in October of 2023, Iyabo Ojo had accused Faith Morey of being a fame chaser.

Iyabo Ojo had reacted to the heavy criticisms she received over their dispute, noting how many were comparing a reality show to real-life situations with Mohbad.

Iyabo defended her behavior, stated that she was only playing the role of a villain. The actress had given an expose to how reality shows work.

The movie star had claimed that she apologized to Faith in private after their public spat, however, Faith Morey tackled her as she claimed that Iyabo never apologized to her.

Also, in October of 2023, Faith Morey had reacted to claims that the show was scripted.

She revealed that when it came to the show, there were no guidelines by the producers on how the housemates should act, as such there is no justification for Iyabo’s behavior.

She stated that Iyabo can’t be someone she isn’t for 5 months, and neither can she put up an act for 5 months.

The reality star told her to own her crude, crass behavior with her chest as she noted how Iyabo had never liked her from the first day they met.


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