‘Your Husband Holds Leadership, Not Your Partner’ – Daddy Freeze Advises Nigerian Women

'Your Husband Holds Leadership, Not Your Partner' - Daddy Freeze Advises Nigerian Women

Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has shared his insights on partnerships and marriages.

In a video shared on social media, he revealed that a husband is not a woman’s partner, but rather the head of the house. He also expressed that in the whole of the religion, both traditionalist religion, Christianity, and Islamic religion, and across all of the tribes, that the man continues to be the head of the house.

He told women to stop seeing their husbands as partners and as their equals, but rather see them as head of the house.

Now, recall that in March of 2024, Daddy Freeze had remarked on the physical and spiritual system. He expressed that as a child of God, a person is not supposed to feed in the delusions of the spiritual having something to do with the physical.

He revealed that spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with physicality and both should be lived separately. He also disclosed how a lot of pastors and religious bodies have sold people these delusions to make them addicted to a particular system.

Also recall that back in February of 2024, Daddy Freeze had defended fashion designer Veekee James and her husband, sending a message to Nigerians.

He further gushed over the couple as he told them to enjoy their marriage while expressing how cute they both looked.


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