“You Disgrace Who Lit Your Life” – Portable Slams Young Duu Over His Apology, Leaks Their Chat

"You Disgrace Who Lit Your Life" - Portable Slams Young Duu Over His Apology, Leaks Their Chat

Controversial singer, Portable has slammed his former signee, Young Duu following his apology to him.

The street singer had shared screenshots of his chats with Young Duu, who had privately messaged him to check up on him and apologize. Young Duu apologized to his former boss for doing him wrong but his apology didn’t sit well with Portable, who felt that wasn’t the best way for him to apologize.

Portable, who still seems bitter from their fallout, stated that he thought they had used Young Duu finished as he slammed him for trying to disgrace him, who helped him light his fire. He noted how Young Duu swore for him when he didn’t do him anything and wanted to spoil his label’s name.

Portable made it clear that his DM isn’t where Young Duu should apologise as he admitted that his former signee really did him wrong. However, he doesn’t have a chance for foolishness as he tells him to stay in his lane and questions why he lost the platform he opened for him.

Young Duu apologises to Portable
Young Duu apologises to Portable


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