“We not delusional, you’re a sick man” – Davido Hits Back at Wizkid’s Accusation of Delusion

“We not delusional, you’re a sick man” - Davido Hits Back at Wizkid's Accusation of Delusion

In the ongoing saga of musical rivalries, Nigerian superstars Davido and Wizkid have once again found themselves at odds. The latest spat unfolded on social media after Wizkid seemingly accused Davido of being delusional. However, Davido wasted no time in hitting back, firmly rejecting the accusation and instead labeling Wizkid as “a sick man.”

The confrontation began when Wizkid took to social media to indirectly address Davido, suggesting that he was living in a state of delusion. While Wizkid’s statement wasn’t explicitly directed at Davido, fans quickly speculated that it was aimed at him due to their longstanding rivalry.

Refusing to let the accusation slide, Davido swiftly responded with a sharp rebuke. In his counterattack, Davido asserted that he and his team were not delusional, flipping the accusation back on Wizkid by describing him as “a sick man.”

The exchange between the two music icons reignited longstanding tensions between their fan bases, with supporters of both artists fiercely defending their respective idols. Social media platforms buzzed with commentary and speculation as fans dissected the confrontation and took sides in the ongoing feud.

The rivalry between Davido and Wizkid has been a recurring theme in the Nigerian music industry for years, fueled by competition for awards, chart dominance, and fan loyalty. While both artists have enjoyed immense success in their careers, their rivalry has often overshadowed their individual achievements.

As the latest altercation demonstrates, tensions between Davido and Wizkid remain high, with neither showing any signs of backing down. While their feud undoubtedly adds drama to the music industry, it also serves as a reminder of the intense pressure and scrutiny faced by artists in the spotlight.

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