“The person that hosted his last show never visited his wife till date” – Mohbad’s sister

“The person that hosted his last show never visited his wife till date” – Mohbad’s sister

The untimely passing of Mohbad, continues to unravel with new, startling revelations. His sister has recently taken to social media, to share some significant insights the narrative surrounding his death.

In a video that has since gained considerable attention, Mohbad’s sister disclosed a disturbing development. She revealed that the individual who generously donated money for Mubad’s burial was the same person who flew in the individual accused of bullying Mohbad’s wife to Lagos. More so, they were reportedly seen partying together, an act that seems to mock the gravity of Mohbad’s passing.

In the days leading to Mohbad’s demise, his actions hinted at a man possibly aware of impending doom. Mohbad, 72 hours before his death, had visited a bar where he was seen drinking with the host of the show in Ikorodun and other acquaintances. This gathering occurred shortly before his final appearance at the show. Notably, after Mohbad’s death, the show’s host, instead of paying respects to the bereaved family, was allegedly seen socializing with the person implicated in bullying Mohbad’s wife.

Further adding to the intrigue, Mohbad’s sister mentioned that he had expressed reluctance in attending the show in Ikorodun. Mohbad reportedly stated that had he not been paid, he would have opted out, hinting at a sense of foreboding or a premonition of something adverse. This sentiment gains significance considering Mohbad’s tragic demise a day after the show, which followed an altercation with his best friend.

‘”After MOH passed away, the person that donated money for his burial flew the person bul*ying his wife to Lagos and they were partying together. 72 hours before MOH’s dea*h, before he attended the show in Ikorodu, he branched at a bar where he drank with the person that hosted the show and some other guys. After he passed away, The person that hosted the show never visited the wife, instead he was wining and dining with the person bu*ying MOH’s wife. Before MOH went for the show, he made a statement that if not that he had been paid, he wouldn’t have attended the show.

His spirit was suspecting something bad would happen’’


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