“Stay stingy e pays” Comedian Sabinus advices Nigerians

“Stay stingy e pays” Comedian Sabinus advices Nigerians

Nigerian comedian Sabinus has sparked a lively debate with his recent video where he hailed the virtues of being stingy.

Contrary to the typical narrative, he shared how saying ‘no’ to people’s demands has positively impacted his life. Since adopting this approach, Sabinus claims he’s been feeling fresher and healthier. His message was an unusual but thought-provoking take on personal finance and well-being, suggesting that sometimes self-care involves setting boundaries on generosity.

Recall that just last week, Sabinus had dived into more controversial waters. He had offered his frank opinion on the predicament of influencer Jay Boogie, who faced complications following a BBL surgery. The surgery led to kidney issues, igniting rumors about a necessary kidney transplant, which were later dismissed by medical professionals. Sabinus voiced a stark stance, stating it would be unreasonable for people to financially support Boogie’s health issues, considering the elective nature of the surgery. This blunt opinion received mixed reactions, with some criticizing Sabinus for discouraging potential support for Boogie.


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