“I received a payment of 50k for my first ever show” Shallipopi reveals

"I received a payment of 50k for my first ever show” Shallipopi reveals

In an interview with Zero Conditions, rising music star Shallipopi opened up about his journey in the music industry, revealing insights into his early struggles and recent successes. Shallipopi, who burst onto the scene with his viral hit “Elon Musk,” shared that his first musical performance, though modestly compensated, was a milestone in his career.

For his debut gig, Shallipopi was paid 50,000 Naira, a sum he received with joy, considering it was his inaugural performance. Adding to the experience, the organizers covered his flight expenses, marking a humble yet significant start to his musical journey. Despite the modest payment, Shallipopi expressed happiness and gratitude, highlighting his passion for music over monetary gains.

In the same interview, Shallipopi delved deeper into the financial aspects of the music industry. He compared music earnings to “money we draw,” underscoring the lucrative and sometimes unpredictable nature of the industry. Before diving into music, he admitted to being unaware of the potential financial rewards, a realization that came as he navigated his way through the industry.

2023 marked a pivotal year for Shallipopi, as he not only launched his own record label but also made a significant personal investment by purchasing an airplane. His maiden flight, however, was not without its challenges, as he humorously recalled almost throwing up aboard.

Shallipopi’s story is one of determination and rapid ascent. Arriving in Lagos earlier this year, he quickly transitioned from a newcomer to a spotlighted artist, gaining both fame and critical acclaim. His narrative is a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of embracing opportunities in the music industry.

The reactions to Shallipopi’s story have been mixed. Some people admire his sensibility and dedication to his musical career, while others express skepticism about the details of his compensation, suspecting exaggeration for attention.


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