‘Such a Senseless Widow, Why Are You Scared of Doing DNA?’ – Sarah Martins Slams Mohbad’s Wife

'Such a Senseless Widow, Why Are You Scared of Doing DNA?' - Sarah Martins Slams Mohbad's Wife

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has slammed Omowunmi, the widowed wife of the late singer, Mohbad.

Calling her a senseless widow, she questioned why the mother of one is scared of doing DNA and pondered if she doesn’t want to clear her name and protect the legacy of her husband.

She noted how her elder sister was defaming her late husband, who she claimed to live, yet she allowed it. Sarah made it known that at this point, Wunmi us doing too much as she noted how some women lack sense.

“At this point, Wunmi is doing too much!
Kai! Some women no get sense true true.
Your kwashiorkor sister had the effrontery to boldly come online to cause your so-called beloved late husband of giving you a series of infections when he was alive and you allowed it? Why are you so scared to do DNA tho? If I were you, I would have done it long ago to clear my name and protect the legacy of my late husband.

When did you move from mourning Mohbad to mocking Mohbad?????
I am so disappointed at you!


Sarah Martins slams Mohbad's wife


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