“Stay strong bro” – Very Dark Man mocks Bobrisky for spending Sallah in EFCC custody

“Stay strong bro” – Very Dark Man mocks Bobrisky for spending Sallah in EFCC custody

The Sallah season is in full effect, and Very Dark Man didn’t forget one of his ‘favorite’ people, who happen to be Bobrisky.

He took to his Instagram story to share a post, wishing Bobrisky Happy Sallah.

Very Dark Man wishes Bobrisky Happy Sallah.

“Happy salah idris,stay strong bro”

The use of Bobrisky’s government name Idris is clear mockery from Very Dark Man because it is a reference to Bobrisky being a biological male.

Also, the fact that Very Dark Man wished Bobrisky Happy Sallah was clearly a taunt because of all the Muslims in the world, Very Dark Man singled out Bobrisky to send his goodwill message.

Bobrisky has been in the custody of the EFCC for about a week now, with his next adjourned day in court, set for the 17th of April.

He was arrested for alleged money laundering and Naira mutilation, but the charges on the former were dropped, and he pleaded guilty for Naira mutilation.

Very Dark Man has been advocating for Bobrisky’s arrest for a while, and even after the EFCC picked him up, he went ahead to petition against Bobrisky for doing amorous acts with people of the same gender.

It may even seem like Very Dark Man is determined to see Bobrisky locked up for a very long time. He had stated that Bobrisky’s arrest by the EFCC was only the beginning, as there was more to come.

Apart from Bobrisky, another person that Very Dark Man is currently battling is Daddy Freeze.

Both of them have been engaged in an online fight that has dragged on for a while.

This beef started because of an alleged scam case involving Nigerians in diaspora, alongside a man called Okwuluora.

According to Very Dark Man, Daddy Freeze has been trying to sabotage his efforts towards helping the women who lost their money to a fraudster. Daddy Freeze on the other hand is also not letting up, as he’s currently demanding for an apology.


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