Singer Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma addresses pregnancy speculation over latest video

Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma addresses pregnancy speculation over latest video

Ivy Ifeoma, the girlfriend of Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye otherwise known as Rudeboy has addressed her pregnancy speculations.

Hours ago, netizens had expressed their opinion over her protruding belly and bigger breasts following a viral video of her. A lot of netizens speculated that she was pregnant, while others stated that she could have possibly overfed.

Some other netizens revealed how she was quick to always come online and post the video every single time Rude Boy reconnects with his ex-wife.

Addressing the speculations on her Instagram story, she noted how social media users have been speculating about her pregnancy since 1960. Telling them well-done, she wrote,

“Speculating since 1960. Una well-done oh”.

Ivy Ifeoma addresses pregnancy speculation

This isn’t the first time, she has addressed woman watchers. Last year, in a candid video, she shared her thoughts on how people are often quick to make assumptions about whether someone is pregnant or not based on their appearance and actions.

The trigger for Ivy’s response was a video in which she was seen gently cradling her belly. This innocent gesture set off a wave of speculation and rumors, with many speculating that she might be expecting a child with P-square’s Rude Boy.

Last year during the festive season, Ivy broke her silence on her rumored engagement ring to the singer as she had fueled engagement rumors when she flaunted what seemed like an engagement ring on her middle finger during the Christmas celebration.

Many left questioning comments on her comment section, inquiring if she was engaged to the singer.

Replying to them, Ivy debunked the engagement rumors as she made it known that netizens are overreaching.

In January, Ivy Ifeoma had spoken on the ills of being the girlfriend of a high-profile celebrity. She admitted that she gets hurt by the comments she read online about herself, but tries to stay strong.

She noted how she started receiving bad comments from social media users the moment she and Paul went public about their relationship. Though she tries to overlook things, the most painful of the comments is when she gets called a homewrecker.

Recall that after separation from his wife, Paul Okoye moved on with an influencer. Speaking out on his relationship, he made it clear that he was already single for 4 years when he met his now girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma.


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