“My Four-Year-Old is Twerking” Exclaims Korra Obidi’s Former Husband

"My Four-Year-Old is Twerking" Exclaims Korra Obidi's Former Husband

In an unexpected turn of events, Justin Dean, Korra Obidi’s former husband, has taken to Facebook to share a surprising revelation about their daughter, June.

He expressed his concern over his 4-year-old daughter twerking and finding it cute, questioning whether this aligns with the notion of women supporting women. He emphasized the need to protect the innocence of children.

In his Facebook post, he wrote, “My 4-year-old is twerking at me and thinks it’s cute. What the fk? How is this women supporting women? Protect the innocence for fk’s sake.”

This revelation comes after Justin had previously aired grievances about Korra’s actions, including allegations of infidelity during her pregnancy and making comparisons between their living situations.


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