Mohbad’s Wife, Wunmi, Reveals Her Husband Asked the Nurse to Stop the Injection Due to Discomfort

Mohbad's Wife, Wunmi, Reveals Her Husband Asked the Nurse to Stop the Injection Due to Discomfort

During the corona inquest into her husband’s passing, Omawumi, the late Mohbad’s wife, made a significant revelation. In her statement given today, she disclosed that her husband had experienced discomfort after receiving an injection administered by a nurse.

According to Omawumi, the events unfolded on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, when Mohbad complained of feeling unwell shortly after an auxiliary nurse administered an injection. He began vomiting, and this alarming incident occurred around 1 pm on that fateful day.

In her testimony, Omawumi also shed light on a prior altercation that Mohbad had with his friend, Prime Boy, which ultimately played a role in the events leading up to his passing. She revealed that Mohbad had suffered a minor injury during a fight with Prime Boy in Ikorodu on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

“I had to check on the food I was cooking while the nurse was treating my husband, but on my return, I had Mohbad telling the nurse to stop the injection as he was feeling uncomfortable.”

On that day, they encountered a massive crowd of fans that made it difficult for them to leave. Mohbad asked Prime Boy to inform his younger brother, Adura Aloba, to speak with the bouncer and arrange their departure. However, they were asked to wait until other artists had finished their performances, which frustrated Mohbad as he was delayed for two hours.

Prime Boy acknowledged that Mohbad’s brother had been rude to him, but Mohbad refrained from publicly scolding his brother. Omawumi, Mohbad’s wife, recalled that she was seated in the middle of the escalating altercation. When Mohbad angrily left the car to confront Prime Boy, Omawumi immediately rushed to call others from a second jeep following them to intervene and mediate the dispute. She was not present during the confrontation, as she had gone to call the second Prado jeep.

Omawumi continued her testimony, explaining that Mohbad did not seek medical attention for his injuries at the time due to undisclosed reasons. On Monday, September 11th, she noticed that he was behaving differently, and he confessed to her that his hand was hurting. She suggested they go to the hospital, but Mohbad declined. She also revealed that she applied some ointment to his superficial wound. Mohbad had mentioned that a nurse would be arriving shortly.

The nurse, whose name is yet to be disclosed, was invited by Mohbad’s friend. While the nurse was treating him, Mohbad suddenly expressed discomfort during the tetanus injection. This revelation raises questions and adds another layer of complexity to the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s untimely passing.

The ongoing inquest will continue to investigate the details of this case to determine the cause of Mohbad’s death and the events leading up to the tragic incident.


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