Fans express curiosity as Alex Unusual chooses not to attend Cee C’s birthday celebration

Fans express curiosity as Alex Unusual chooses not to attend Cee C’s birthday celebration

Netizens and fans have been buzzing with curiosity over the conspicuous absence of birthday wishes from Alex Unusual to Cee C, whose birthday was celebrated yesterday.

Cee C, who marked her special day with an array of extravagant gifts and a lavish new house, received well wishes from many, including her fellow Big Brother Naija colleagues. However, the absence of a birthday message from Alex Unusual has raised questions and sparked discussions online.

The backstory to this apparent snub goes back to the 2018 season of Big Brother Naija, known as “Double Wahala.” During that season, Alex Unusual and Cee C had a tumultuous and strained relationship, which extended beyond the show, drawing continuous attention from fans who weighed in on their interactions. Their rocky history during that season left many wondering if they would ever find common ground.

However, things took a positive turn in the recent season of Big Brother Naija All-Stars, which aired a few months ago. Initially, their interactions started on a sour note, including insults hurled at each other. As the season progressed, they managed to mend fences, becoming amicable and showing mutual respect. This reconciliation surprised and pleased fans, who had witnessed their feud in the previous season.

The recent omission of a birthday wish from Alex Unusual has left many perplexed. Some speculate that it might be related to Cee C’s previous comments about Alex when she left the Big Brother Naija house. Cee C, during an interview with the show’s host, Ebuka, and fellow housemates, had made remarks about Alex that weren’t favorable. This could have potentially triggered Alex Unusual, leading to her decision to distance herself from Cee C.

On the other hand, Cee C expressed a desire to have a conversation with Alex to offer an apology for her previous statements. She clarified that her remarks were made in the heat of the moment and did not hold any substantial negative sentiment towards Alex. However, the status of this conversation remains uncertain.

While fans speculate about the reasons behind the absence of a public birthday wish, it’s also possible that Alex Unusual extended her well wishes to Cee C privately. Only time will tell whether this apparent silence signifies a deeper issue or simply a private exchange between the two. Fans will undoubtedly keep a keen eye on the situation for any updates or developments.


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