Comedian AY Makun addresses rumors that he had a child out of wedlock

Comedian AY Makun addresses rumors that he had a child out of wedlock

A while back, popular comedian AY Makun was a subject of controversy on social media, following a post he made on social media, in which he was celebrating his ‘son’s’ seventeenth birthday.

Netizens who obtained a degree in AY Makun’s family tree studies went on to drag him over and over again for having a child out of wedlock.

In a recent show, AY Makun brought out his ‘son’ for a proper introduction to online in-laws, and gave a backstory on the whole issue. While explaining, AY mentioned that a lot of narratives get thrown on social media, and netizens often follow it without due investigation.

AY Makun went on to explain that his ‘son’ is actually his younger sister’s son, and that his sister’s son is still his son, meaning that there is no boundary where family is involved. He even pointed out his sister in the crowd for people who may have doubts, while his ‘son’ smiled on as he looked at the crowd.

As a top comedian in Nigeria, AY Makun has had his fair share of public controversy, and one of the most recent was when his wife made a post, hinting at a divorce. Netizens called her bluff, and alleged that it was a publicity stunt for the latest installment of the Merry Men movie. After that post, there was no other indication of an impending divorce from either of them, and just recently, he celebrated her birthday online.

Controversy aside, AY Makun has had quite a successful career, which is still ongoing. He has hosted a lot of comedy shows with tables selling as high as ten million Naira, and they still get sold out. His shows have served as a platform for many new comedians. Some might even argue that he is the Ali Baba of his time.


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