Blessing CEO Mocks Very Dark Man on Appearance Post-Prison Release, Accuses Him of Using ‘Juju

Blessing CEO Mocks Very Dark Man on Appearance Post-Prison Release, Accuses Him of Using 'Juju

Self-acclaimed relationship expert Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO who happens to be one of Very Dark Man’s strongest foes took to Instagram mock the daylight out of him.

In the first post she dedicated to mocking Very Dark Man, here’s what she wrote; “He be like crase Werey don slim ooo. Oya if them born u well come and share ur experience. The idiat don come out.

Blessing CEO taunts Very Dark Man over his appearance after being released from prison.

Na the don’t play but I no see u gonna learn the hard way? he really go cell. Watch ur tongue ooo, I go still trigger enter another wahala rest first I go fire the one u go talk wey go carry u go kiriri Ex convict wey reconvict welcome back idiatv”

The first post she made clearly wasn’t enough, as she made another post calling his alleged ‘juju’ bluff. This is what Blessing CEO wrote about Very Dark Man’s alleged ‘juju’; “Zooooooooooooooom@ the pic…The 100 naira bar beach juju wey Dey him neck fail am”

Blessing CEO alleges that Very Dark Man uses ‘juju’.

Blessing CEO was clear taunting Very Dark Man over his appearance, and the fact that his alleged ‘juju’ didn’t work. Also, her first post passed the message that she’ll gladly watch him go to prison again, and she might instigate it.

Throughout Very Dark Man’s arrest, Blessinh CEO alongside the likes of SamKlef was among the few people that openly celebrated his misfortune. She even made a mocking video, pretending to be on her way to visit Very Dark Man.

It is no surprise that Blessing CEO has held such a grudge against Very Dark Man because both of them have been beefing for a long time now, and they’ve traded a fair share of insults.


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