Ayra Starr funds a borehole project for a community

Ayra Starr funds a borehole project for a community

Ayra Starr took her ‘E de Rush’ song to another level, as she went on to develop a borehole for a community that had been experiencing water scarcity for about twenty years.

In a post sharing the achievement, here’s what Ayra Starr wrote, “Started ‘E Dey Rush’ campaign last year to provide clean and safe water to communities. I’m so happy to see the Orimolade Ifako Community getting their borehole installation. I’m grateful for the partnership of @hopespringwater & @mavinrecords to make this happen. Everyone deserves good water.”

The community members seemed really excited about getting fresh water. One of the community women narrated how it has been difficult to get water for the past twenty years. She said that they had to wake up at twelve or 2am in order to get water, and sometimes, they end up buying water from truck pushers.

An old lady prayed fervently for Ayra Starr, and asked that God should bless her for her good deed to their community. A child also narrated how the borehole will make their lives easier, and gave thanks to Ayra Starr.

The fact that Ayra Starr got inspired by her own song in order to proceed with the borehole project is simply iconic. She collaborated with Mavin Records and a borehole drilling company in order to execute the project.

Etched on the wall of the borehole sight is Ayra Starr’s name, alongside Mavin Records. This will serve as a remembrance for anyone who uses the borehole to be aware that it was Ayra Starr that funded it.

Although a lot of celebrities are into charity work, this is Ayra Starr’s first public one, and the motto behind hers is quite unique. From her post, you can see that this won’t be her last project, so where do you think she’ll go next?


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