Bobrisky’s Male Biological Features Remain Intact, Despite Crossdressing – NCoS Reveals

Bobrisky's Male Biological Features Remain Intact, Despite Crossdressing - NCoS Reveals

The Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS) has exposed popular crossdresser, Bobrisky over his lies about his gender change.

We reported last week that following his sentencing, Bobrisky was taken to the Correctional center where he would be spending the next 6 months. The NCoS had said that the crossdresser would be incarcerated in the male section of its custodian facility. The spokesperson noted how the crossdresser identified himself as a male when being questioned in court, which influenced their decision to place him in a male-designated facility.

Despite concerns regarding his safety due to his gender preference, Correctional officers assured the public that Bobrisky would be adequately protected from potential harm.

Now speaking out, officials revealed that after a thorough examination, it was revealed that there was no evidence of gender or genital organ realignment. Bobrisky’s male biological characteristics remained unchanged.

This revelation has no doubt exposed the crossdresser who claimed months back that he had acquired a vagina. He told Nigerians to start addressing him as a woman, claiming that he had taken off his manhood.


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