Bobrisky Declares Intent for a Second Surgery, Aims to Achieve the Title of Nigeria’s Most Beautifu

Bobrisky Declares Intent for a Second Surgery, Aims to Achieve the Title of Nigeria's Most Beautifu

In a surprising revelation, internet sensation Bobrisky has chosen Instagram as the platform to disclose his intentions for a second cosmetic surgery, scheduled for the first week of December. The self-proclaimed “Nigerian Barbie” appears to have no intention of slowing down in his pursuit of perfection.

“Going under the knife again in the first week of December. I’m prepared to take the risk to become the most beautiful woman in Nigeria. These individuals know I’m the genuine deal.”

Bobrisky’s aspiration for this upcoming surgical procedure is to claim the title of the most beautiful woman in Nigeria.

It’s worth noting that the controversial personality emphasized that the beauty people perceive online may not necessarily reflect reality. According to Bobrisky, individuals who meet him in person are often awed by his stunning appearance and enviable figure.

In a world where appearances hold significant importance, Bobrisky’s pursuit of beauty takes on a new level of significance. He firmly believes that enhanced beauty will attract a higher caliber of individuals into his social circle, presenting an interesting perspective on the connection between aesthetics and success.

However, Bobrisky is not the only cross-dresser who has made recent headlines. Jay Boogie, another prominent cross-dresser, recently underwent surgery and experienced some post-operative complications. He took to social media to express his concerns, even mentioning the possibility of kidney issues, leaving him bewildered about their origin. He went as far as tagging the hospital and doctor who performed the surgery, stating that if anything happened to him, the hospital should be held responsible.

Bobrisky’s journey has had its share of challenges, including personal pain and loss earlier this year with the passing of his father in August.


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