Actor Yemi Solade in Hot Water as Woman Accuses Him of Sending Nude Photos via Facebook

Yemi Solade in Hot Water as Woman Accuses Him of Sending Nude Photos via Facebook

Nollywood actor Yemi Solade has been accused by a lady of sending his nude pictures to her on Facebook.

Taking to social media, the lady, identified as Amaka AFC, claimed that the veteran actor used to send her his dick pictures on Facebook. She questioned why anyone would think she was making up such a story.

Calling him a pervert, she noted how the actor has a family and has a family portrait on his Facebook page, yet was sending her his nude pictures.

“This man that used to send me dick pic on Facebook that year.

Why would I make up such a story? To gain what?
He’s a pervert. Funny enough, he had a family portrait of him and his family all dressed in Arsenal on his Facebook cover photo the whole time. I remember vividly.

He can’t even deny”.

Lady accuses Yemi Solade of sending her nude pictures

See some comments from netizens below,

One Baby Boy Official wrote, “Not true; she just wants to trend

One Ireti Ola wrote, “Hope sey evidence dey for dis thing wey u talk so. Make u no pay 5//m for lawsuit o

One You Found That Bitch wrote, “I swear to the maker of heaven and earth, she is not lying. Na him modus operandi

One Emeka wrote, “Evidence or it never happened

One Jakye Osaretin wrote, “The Olayemi Solade that I met and know wouldn’t want to do such. This cannot be true

One Maryam TMC wrote, “Hmmmm want to believe he respects himself than to do such. That said, shey, if he takes it seriously, you’ll be able to stand the heat because that’s defamation

One Sarah Igoche wrote, “She is not lying. Trust me this man, I rest my case”.


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