”You have used abortion to remove your sense” Blessing Okoro and her P.A reply Phyna

”You have used abortion to remove your sense” Blessing Okoro and her P.A reply Phyna

Blessing Okoro has replied Phyna after Phyna blasted her for trolling and insulting Benin women.

The whole saga kicked off when Blessing Okoro dropped a bombshell on Instagram. She claimed that women from Benin, Edo State are not “wife material.” This statement, ruffled quite a few feathers, especially among those from Benin and Edo. The backlash was swift and intense, with many people from these regions taking her to task over her controversial views.

Phyna, known for her no-nonsense attitude and also hailing from Edo State, wasn’t going to let this slide. She took to Twitter, to give Blessing a piece of her mind. She blasted Blessing for her derogatory comments, questioning her right to label Benin women as prostitutes. She didn’t stop there; Phyna also hinted at her mental state, wondering aloud if drugs or smoking might be influencing her controversial opinions.

Now, in a new twist, Blessing Okoro has hit back. In a video response on Instagram, alongside her personal assistant, she directly countered Phyna’s criticisms. She expressed her shock and disappointment, particularly because she was once a strong supporter of Phyna during her stint on Big Brother Naija. She even claims to have financially contributed to Phyna’s campaign on the show.

Blessing’s PA also chimed in. The PA made a shocking reference to Phyna’s personal life, alluding to her recent revelation about having undergone multiple abortions.


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