“Why there’s no need for revenge when you have God” Dj Cuppy reveals

“Why there’s no need for revenge when you have God” Dj Cuppy reveals

In a recent development, Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, has expressed that people should learn to practice patience when bad things happen to them.

She advised people against revenge and that instead they should learn to believe in God because God will always be in the block. In her words, she revealed,

“remember no need for revenge, God will spin the block for you every single time.”

Also recall that just three hours ago, a video had emerged of DJ Cuppy where she revealed that she had had one of the worst years of her life last year. She further revealed that she had had a horrible year because she could not say no to her fiancé when he proposed to her.

She revealed how she had regretted not turning down her fiancé, Ryan Taylor. She advised people to learn to say no to opportunities that they don’t like or they don’t feel comfortable in. She also revealed that she had completely burnt herself out during those times.

She further expressed that sometimes most people are reluctant to say no because of the guilt that accompanies it. However, in turn, they end up hurting and damaging themselves in the long run. She reiterated on the fact that it was okay for people to say no.


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