“Givers don dey lack ooo” Real Warri Pikin advices netizens

“Givers don dey lack ooo” Real Warri Pikin advices netizens

In recent development, Comedian Anita Osuoja known by her stage name Real Warri Pikin has issued a very important advice to netizens.

She expressed that people, especially individuals who were in positions of help to others, should be mindful of the way that they help others.

She revealed that even though there’s a popular saying  that givers never lack, some givers were now beginning to lack because they were unable to set boundaries.

She revealed that if you are incapable of taking care of others whilst you’re comfortably taking care of yourself, then it was time for you to take a pause and focus on just yourself.

She also stated that some people were passing through depression based on what they intentionally put on themselves.

She cautioned people to be more careful in 2024 and learn to prioritize themselves.

Now, recall that back in January of 2024, Real Warri Pikin had ushered in the new year with a beautiful message. She had told her fans and followers that in the new year, they were redeemed to flourish, while sharing a black-on-black photo of herself and her entire family.

Also, ushering in the new year, 2024, Real Warri Pikin had made a list of certain behaviors that should be left in 2023. She stressed on the need to end the practice of brokering relationships and sharing partners. She also revealed that people needed to leave their spirit of ungratefulness behind in 2023 as she urged people on the importance of being appreciative when other people extend help.

Now, also recall that back in December of 2023, she had also expressed that women needed to stop broke shaming men since it was not intentional and it was something that they did not have control over.


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