“We definitely need to organize his burial!” Twitter personality Mbah responds to speculations suggesting that Oladips is still alive

"We definitely need to organize his burial!" Twitter personality Mbah responds to speculations suggesting that Oladips is still alive

Twitter personality Samuel Mbah is not letting the Oladips death saga die down anytime soon. He has expressed that a burial ceremony for Oladips must still be done amidst the death controversy:

Recall that the music industry and social media were abuzz with the news of Oladips’ supposed demise. However, this narrative has taken a surprising turn with new reports suggesting that Oladips might have staged his own death. This alleged stunt is being seen as a promotional tactic for his album.

According to close associates of Oladips, he is alive and well, even enjoying meals like rice and turkey. They hint that he’s planning to come forward and explain why he chose such a dramatic method to gain attention for his album. Some friends suggested that this feigned death was designed to increase his album’s popularity.

This development has stirred a mix of reactions online. Many netizens expressed their disapproval, stating that pretending to be dead as a promotional gimmick is insensitive and inappropriate. They pointed out the emotional impact this news had on fans who were genuinely saddened by the initial reports of his death. The consensus among many is that this joke was costly and crossed ethical lines.

Mba , in his humorous style, quipped that a funeral should still be held for Oladips since people had already mourned him. While made in jest, his comment reflects the feeling of betrayal and shock among the fans.

Etinosa, has also weighed in on the controversy. She criticized Oladips’ stunt, calling it a “poorly written script.” Etinosa expressed her frustration after watching the clips associated with the feigned death, deciding to withhold her comments until the truth was revealed. She condemned the lack of originality in Oladips’ approach, stating that he merely imitated similar stunts by others. In a sign of her displeasure, she revealed blocking him on social media.


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