The moment Seun Kuti confronts an individual who previously issued online death threats against him, right at the airport

The moment Seun Kuti confronts an individual who previously issued online death threats against him, right at the airport

Seun Kuti, has been making waves on the internet, but not for his music. The latest in this series of events is a heated altercation at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos.

Kuti was involved in a verbal exchange with an American-based man, a confrontation that rapidly escalated and was captured in a video that has since gone viral. The man had allegedly threatened to kill Seun Kuti online. However, when faced with the singer in person, he backed down, claiming he was returning to America. Seun Kuti, unyielding, insisted that the man should not leave the airport, citing the previous threat to his life.

This incident is not an isolated event in Seun Kuti recent history. In October, he revealed how close he came to losing his career, blaming Nigerians for almost ruining it. He referred to a viral video showing an altercation with a Nigerian police officer, which not only threatened his career but also led to his arrest.

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At the beginning of the year, Seun Kuti had another unfortunate encounter with the Nigerian police. In what he described as an act of self-defense to protect himself and his family, the situation escalated, resulting in Seun Kuti slapping a police officer. This act, perceived by him as necessary, had significant repercussions. Contrary to his expectations, the public did not rally in his support. Instead, many sided with the police officer, leaving Seun Kuti without the sympathy he might have anticipated.

Furthermore, Seun Kuti relationships within the entertainment industry have also been strained. He recently lambasted popular comedian AY, accusing him of trolling his family. Seun Kuti pointed out that AY had insulted his daughter in a comedy skit and used his personal challenges as material for jokes. While he claimed to have supported AY during his own difficult times, including when AY lost his house, he felt that AY had not reciprocated this support and instead mocked his family.

Seun Kuti accusations against AY didn’t stop there. He also alleged that AY mistreats his wife and made derogatory comments about AY’s personal hygiene, claiming these were well-known facts in the industry.


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