Veekee James Shares Journey to Turkey to Craft Her Wedding Dress

Veekee James Shares Journey to Turkey to Craft Her Wedding Dress

Veekee James’ wedding may have taken place a month ago with a huge media fanfare covering every detail of the ceremony, but the designer clearly isn’t done sharing the details of her wedding, as she took to Instagram to talk about how she made her wedding dress.

In the video she made, Veekee James detailed how she had to fly to Turkey in order to source the material for her wedding dress. She also explained in detail about the adjustments she made on the dress before it turned out perfect. Her husband Femi also made a cameo in the video, when he called in to check on her while she was in Turkey.

The journey through Veekee James’ wedding was thoroughly documented and shared online to the point that netizens started getting irritated about it and calling her out for sharing everything online. These statements did not stop Veekee James from continuously sharing content about her wedding, even up to her honeymoon, where she was dragged online for wearing a corset dress to the beach.

If Veekee James’ aim was to make her wedding the most talked about event in Nigeria, then she succeeded because a good part of the month of February was occupied with pictures and videos about her wedding. Her followers on her personal Instagram page also grew to one million, which is a huge number to achieve.

Despite the attention she got that made her more famous, Veekee James also suffered some setbacks, as a video of her dancing suggestively surfaced online. This video is not in brand with how Veekee James currently portrays herself online. She has openly shared about her journey with her Christian faith, and has even released gospel songs. The video that was released made a dent in the pristine image she has worked for over the years, but the issue has calmed down a bit, even though she did not address it.


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