“The music industry is an unpredictable business” Simi shares in a heartfelt message to her fans

“The music industry is an unpredictable business” Simi shares in a heartfelt message to her fans

Simi, the talented artist, recently reached out to her fans on Instagram with a heartfelt message. Despite a year that veered off her plans, she remains grateful and optimistic. Her Spotify statistics are impressive, boasting 28.6 million streams from 3.6 million unique listeners. Yet, this year’s challenges were significant for Simi. She released just one ballad, a departure from her goal of multiple singles and an album.

In her post, Simi openly discussed the unpredictability of life and the music industry. She described the industry as unpredictable and highlighted its behind-the-scenes complexities. Her deep appreciation for her fans was evident. She expressed profound thanks for their consistent support, emphasizing that they are her motivation in her musical journey.

Simi also talked about the meaning behind streaming numbers, recognizing them as symbols of her fans’ commitment and support. She stressed the real connection she feels with her audience beyond platforms like Spotify.

Concluding her message, Simi announced a decision to delay her new song’s release to next year, looking forward to a new beginning. She shared her excitement for the future and encouraged her fans to be ready for it.

“My year didn’t go how I planned. I’m not mad about it; I’m just stating for the record. I’d be crazy to give life any ultimatums, because by design, life is unpredictable.

I only put out one song this year. A ballad. In the middle of the year. I had plans for multiple singles and an album. I did. But the music business is so fickle, it’s amusing. The wheels that turn behind the scenes are emotionless.

This epistle is dedicated to my fans. Despite the many long waits you have endured for my sake, you support me. Still.

Again and again. I don’t take you for granted and I hope that’s a truth you don’t forget. I wasn’t going to post this stuff, because I didn’t see the point. But you’re the point.

This is one app. So the numbers are only a symbol and I want to say that I see you. Thank you for seeing me too.

1 pushed my stuff to next year, because I like the idea of starting afresh. So, I hope you’re ready.”

Back in August, Simi offered a glimpse into her personal philosophy on Instagram. She spoke about embracing each day, not worrying about uncontrollable factors, and not chasing what’s not meant for her. She expressed gratitude for being able to live her dreams in whatever capacity possible.


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