“66 million Nigerians are unemployed” declares Speed Darlington as he advocates for the division of the country

"66 million Nigerians are unemployed" declares Speed Darlington as he advocates for the division of the country

Controversial musician Speedy Darlington recently made headlines with his bold criticism of the Nigerian government.

In a striking statement, he suggested that Nigeria would be better off divided due to the escalating unemployment crisis. In a passionate video, Darlington highlighted the alarming unemployment rate in Nigeria, pointing out that the number of jobless people exceeded the entire population of South Africa.

He stated that Nigeria now has a staggering 66 million unemployed citizens, accounting for over 30% of the nation’s population. His call for division is rooted in his belief that it would enable people to thrive in their respective regions.

In other news, back in October, Speedy Darlington expressed his willingness to follow anyone on social media who would gift him a Benz for six months. This proposition, however, was met with skepticism and criticism from netizens and fellow artists. They questioned the value of his temporary social media following compared to the significant benefit he would receive from owning a new Benz.

Additionally, Speedy Darlington has been known for his unconventional views, especially regarding relationships. He once stated a preference for marrying a village girl over a rich and educated woman. According to him, a village girl’s manners are more appealing than the demanding nature he associates with affluent, educated women. This opinion sparked controversy, particularly among women who disagreed with his perspective.


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