Singer Asake’s pops champagne to celebrate first Grammy nominations

Singer Asake’s pops champagne to celebrate first Grammy nominations

Afro-beat superstar Asake, known for his distinctive sound and rising prominence in the music industry, recently celebrated a significant milestone – his Grammy nomination. The artist, marked this achievement in a jubilant manner, sharing a viral video on his social media platforms.

In the video, Asake is seen surrounded by friends as he pops a champagne bottle in a joyous celebration of his Grammy nomination. The lively atmosphere is accompanied by cheers and applause from those gathered, creating an infectious sense of triumph that resonates with fans and followers.

The Grammy nomination list for this year includes a remarkable lineup of Nigerian artists, further solidifying the global impact of Afrobeat. Notable names like Davido, Burna Boy, Ayrastar, and Ckay have all earned nominations, contributing to the growing recognition of Nigerian talent on the international stage.

While Asake’s Grammy nod is undoubtedly a cause for celebration, his recent activities have also stirred curiosity among fans. On October 12th, Asake sparked dating rumors after sharing a loved-up video featuring himself and a mystery girl. The video captures tender moments between the artist and the young lady, with hugs, affectionate smiles, and an overall intimate vibe. This unexpected development has fueled speculation about a potential romance or, alternatively, it could be a clever teaser for an upcoming music video, leaving fans eager to unravel the mystery.

In a playful turn of events back in September, DJ Kope expressed her desire to become Asake’s full-time backup singer. The popular Nigerian DJ took to Twitter to share her lighthearted aspiration, conveying her excitement at the prospect of working alongside the Afro-Brit superstar. This revelation added a touch of humor to the ongoing narrative surrounding Asake’s growing influence in the music scene.


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