Samklef reveals what Davido had to do to get Grammy nominations

Samklef reveals what Davido had to do to get Grammy nominations

The announcement of Davido’s three Grammy nominations has not only sparked celebration but has also become the point of subtle yet significant shade from music producer Samklef.

In the aftermath of the Grammy nod, Sam Clef took to Twitter to throw a veiled jab at Davido, stirring up conversations among fans and industry observers.

While fans were expressing excitement over Davido’s Grammy recognition, Samklef entered the conversation by revealing the unseen struggles Davido endured to secure the nominations. He expressed that many people are unaware of the mountains Davido had to climb and the prayers he had to offer just to be nominated.

It’s noteworthy that Samklef’s recent remarks are in stark contrast to his defense of Wizkid amid the Grammy nomination buzz. When questions arose about Wizkid’s absence from the nominations list despite other Nigerian artists receiving nods, Samklef suggested that Wizkid might consider the Grammy Awards less significant. He implied that Wizkid did not have the need for such accolades.

Samklef defence of Wizkid has been increasingly noticeable in recent times, with him publicly expressing support for Wizkid and using opportunities to cast shade on Davido. Back in October 27th, he had criticized Davido for alleged financial issues, urging him to learn from Wizkid. In that instance, Sam Clef referred to Davido as a “noisemaker” and encouraged him to adopt Wizkid’s more composed demeanor.

The dynamics of Sam Clef’s commentary add an intriguing layer to the ongoing narratives within the Nigerian music industry. His role as both a supporter of Wizkid and a critic of Davido has amplified discussions about the relationships and rivalries among industry figures.


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