Reports Surface About Music Executive Soso Soberekon’s Involvement in a Serious Car Accident

Reports Surface About Music Executive Soso Soberekon's Involvement in a Serious Car Accident

Renowned music producer Soso Soberokon has reportedly faced another harrowing incident involving a car accident.

A video circulating on social media captures the aftermath of the crash, revealing a severely damaged vehicle that had reportedly endured a staggering eight assaults. Concerns and prayers are now flooding in for Soso, who is said to have been in the car during the ghastly accident.

This unfortunate incident echoes a previous encounter in January 2021 when Soso Soberokun found himself in the midst of a terrible motor accident. Taking to his Instagram page, he shared poignant photos of his car in a severely compromised state. Despite the grim circumstances, he expressed gratitude to God for sparing his life, proclaiming, “We don’t die, we multiply. Thank God for keeping me safe.”

The recent accident has reignited prayers for Soso’s well-being, with fans and well-wishers fervently hoping for his survival and recovery. The disturbing visual evidence of the car wreckage has intensified the collective concern for the music producer.

Adding another layer to Soso Soberokun’s narrative, it’s worth revisiting an act of generosity he displayed in September. During that time, he gifted Mohbad, a fellow music artist, a substantial sum of 2 million Naira. This benevolent gesture occurred in the wake of Mohbad’s unfortunate demise on September 12.


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