Hilda Baci Proudly Displays the Beauty of Her Mother’s Triplets

Hilda Baci Proudly Displays the Beauty of Her Mother's Triplets

In a recent Instagram story, Hilda Baci melted hearts as she showcased her mother’s adorable triplets. Captioning the video with a touch of humor, she shared, “My mom decided to have triplets in my 20s, so now I have three kids. I’m older than them by 22 years.” The triplets, two girls and a boy, aged five, stole the spotlight in their pink gowns and tailored outfits, making the video an instant hit on social media.

But this isn’t the first time Hilda has grabbed headlines. Flashing back to December 2026, Hilda and her beau Daffa went public with their love, enchanting everyone with a delightful dance at a recent event. The couple’s lovey-dovey video left many green with envy, showcasing the power couple’s magnetic connection.

However, rewind to November 8, 2023, and you’ll find Hilda Bassi making history in the Guinness World Records. Hilda, previously holding the record for the longest cooking time while standing, graciously passed the torch to Alan Fisher from Ireland. Alan’s astonishing cooking marathon of 119 hours surpassed Hilda’s earlier feat. Taking to Twitter, Hilda expressed her sportsmanship, stating that she remains a record holder in spirit and history, encouraging everyone to celebrate the new culinary champion.

Hilda Baci’s journey from being a big sister with a significant age gap to sharing her family’s joy on social media and graciously acknowledging the changing tides in the world of records is nothing short of captivating. Her life unfolds like a series of heartwarming moments, each adding a unique chapter to her story.


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