Rapper Speedy Darlington offers a huge sum of 20,000 naira to any lady willing to sleep with him

Speedy Darlington offers a huge sum of 20,000 naira to any lady willing to sleep with him

Controversial figure Speedy Darlington recently stirred the social media pot again, offering a jaw-dropping sum of 20,000 Naira to any woman willing to spend the night with him.

In a video shared on his social media, the singer showcased the cash notes, expressing his desire for a woman ready to engage in rough play in every aspect of the bedroom.

Despite his unconventional proposal, netizens weren’t shy about expressing their opinions. Some criticized Speedy, deeming the offered amount too meager, while others speculated that there might be women who would accept his proposition.

This isn’t the first time Speedy Darlington has made headlines with his outspoken views. In April 2023, he took a swipe at Davido’s musical career, expressing his disbelief at the artist’s success despite what he perceives as a lack of talent.

Fast forward to August 2023, and Speedy Darlington revealed another facet of his preferences, expressing a turn-off towards rich, educated women. He claimed a preference for “village girls” and highlighted the differing priorities between men and women in what they find attractive in a partner.

In the same month, Speedy Darlington publicly called out a woman, Blessing Victoria Nwachukwu, who allegedly failed to visit him despite receiving transportation funds. Sharing her pictures and private messages on Instagram, Speedy expressed his frustration at the perceived lack of reciprocity.


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