Mr Jollof calls out Singer Duncan mighty for owing him 3 million naira

Mr Jollof calls out Singer Duncan mighty for owing him 3 million naira

In a recent clash between Comedian Mr. Jollof and Duncan Mighty, Mr. Jollof has come forward, spilling the beans on an unpleasant incident involving a supposed payment of 3 million Naira to Duncan Mighty for a performance in Uyo. The comedy gig, scheduled to kick off at 4 pm, took an unexpected turn when Duncan Mighty, notorious for tardiness, showed up fashionably late at 7 pm.

Expressing his frustration, Mr. Jollof revealed that despite the delayed entrance, Duncan Mighty refused to refund the full 3 million Naira. Instead, he allegedly received a mere 800,000 Naira. Mr. Jollof conveyed his disappointment, emphasizing that he wouldn’t have minded if Duncan Mighty had deducted 500,000 Naira, leaving him with 2.5 million Naira for the stress and transportation costs incurred.

Pleading with Duncan Mighty to return the outstanding 2.2 million Naira, Mr. Jollof highlighted that this incident unfolded several years ago, and he’s yet to receive the complete sum. The comedian’s plea echoes the financial aftermath of an event gone awry, leaving him shortchanged and dissatisfied.

Adding a layer to Mr. Jollof’s recent clash with Duncan Mighty, it’s crucial to recall his prior warnings to married couples about the potential hazards of bringing single friends into their matrimonial homes. This cautionary advice stemmed from a reported incident where someone allegedly snatched a friend’s French husband. Mr. Jollof urged married individuals to carefully navigate the dynamics between their marriages and friendships, emphasizing the need for caution in such relationships.

Moreover, in March of 2023, Mr. Jollof celebrated a personal milestone as he proudly flaunted his brand-new acquisition – a black and white Toyota Land Cruiser Trado. Taking to his verified Instagram page, the comedian shared the joyous news, showcasing the sleek SUV in a video. This acquisition marked a significant moment for Mr. Jollof, adding a positive note to his recent endeavors.

In essence, the clash with Duncan Mighty exposes the challenges faced by artists in the entertainment industry, shedding light on financial disputes and the importance of professionalism in show business. As Mr. Jollof seeks the remaining 2.2 million Naira, the incident serves as a reminder of the complexities within the world of entertainment and the need for fair dealings among performers.


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