Nollywood in Grief: Veteran Actor Deji Aderemi Olofa Ina Passes Away

Nollywood in Grief: Veteran Actor Deji Aderemi Olofa Ina Passes Away

The Yoruba faction of Nollywood is in deep sorrow following the passing of seasoned actor Deji Aderemi Olofa Ina, just days into the new year of 2024.

Renowned film producer and Chief Executive Officer of Best of Nollywood (BON), Seun Oloketuyi, broke the somber news on his Instagram page. Another respected figure in the industry, veteran actor Saidi Balogun, confirmed the demise of Deji Aderemi Olofa Ina through an official post on his Instagram page.

Saidi Balogun shared a photo of the late actor, bidding him farewell with the words, “Good Night Legend Chief Deji Akinremi (Olofa Ina) RIP.”

This loss comes on the heels of another tragic incident in the Nollywood community, where actor Murphy Afolabi’s untimely death was announced on social media. The industry mourned the loss of two talented actors in a short span. Murphy Afolabi, aged 49, reportedly slipped on bathroom tiles, leading to a fatal impact on his head.

The Nollywood fraternity declared the day of Murphy Afolabi’s passing as a Black day, as the industry lost two cherished artists within a short timeframe. Social media platforms were flooded with dark images as colleagues and fans alike paid tribute to the departed actors.

The sudden demise of Deji Aderemi Olofa Ina has left the Yoruba Nollywood community grappling with grief once again, reflecting the fragility of life within the entertainment industry. As condolences pour in from fellow actors and fans, the memory of these veteran performers will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of Nigerian cinema.



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