Nigerian women draw their partners nearer as Aunty Ramota embraces her Barbie era

Nigerian women draw their partners nearer as Aunty Ramota embraces her Barbie era

A recent transformation by Aunty Ramota has sparked widespread conversation on social media.

Aunty Ramota recently embraced what fans are calling her “Barbie era.” In a video that quickly went viral, Aunty Ramota is seen donning a vibrant pink wig, paired with a matching pink outfit. This striking look, reminiscent of the iconic Barbie doll known for its signature pink hue, showcases Aunty Ramota in a new light.

She stins in her shiny ensemble. The video also captured her in a lighthearted, humorous conversation, where she appears utterly at ease and enjoying herself.

Now recall that just some few months back, actress Moyo Lawal has been dealing with a sensitive issue. She took to Instagram to address a leaked private video that has been circulating online. In her candid post, Moyo Lawal revealed that she had a very private life in 2022, engaging in sexual activity only twice throughout the entire year.

Unfortunately, one of these rare instances was captured in the video that was subsequently leaked. Lawal explained that the video was made with her long-distance partner, who resides outside Nigeria. The couple, at the time, was considering marriage, and the video was a part of their intimate long-distance relationship.

A significant point of netizens reacting was when they compared Moyo Lawal to Aunty Ramota. Netizens revealed that even Aunty Ramota was engaging in more sexual activities than her and they also question the truth behind her words.


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