“Nigerian men in diaspora or Nigerian men at home?” Kevin Ikeduba questions Nigerian women

“Nigerian men in diaspora or Nigerian men at home?” Actor Kevin Ikeduba questions Nigerian women

Actor Kevin Ikeduba has thrown a surprising question at Nigerian women in a recent development.

Taking to social media,  Instagram to be precise, he asked Nigerian women about their preference for Nigerian men in diaspora or Nigerian men who reside in Nigeria.

He questioned them over which was more caring. He further stated that this was a particular conversation that he has been having with some of his friends and he needed to reach a resolution hence why he threw the question online.

He further disclosed that Nigerian women should answer the question as unbiasedly as they could possibly answer it.

A lot of Nigerian women however expressed differing opinions. While some hinted at the fact that Nigerian men in diaspora were more caring, some other Nigerian women debunked and countered that claim as they said that Nigerian men in Nigeria were more caring. Others also revealed that it all depends on the specific man and it has nothing to do with their choice of location.

Now recall that back in 2023, Kevin Ikeduba had credited the late actor Murphy Afolabi for making him a star. The Yoruba movie star made this known during Murphy Afolabi’s candlelight service. Kelvin revealed that Murphy’s death was a sad one for him because he had helped him become who he is today.

Also recall that back in March of 2023, Kevin Ikeduba had blown hot over the Naira confusion in the country. He voiced his frustration and disappointment regarding the chaotic situation surrounding the Nigeria economy.

The frustrated actor pointed out that despite the CBN’s directive for banks to release older Nara notes, some vendors were still hesitant to accept them out of concern that the CBN will reject the currency.


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