“My husband has turned to a skit maker because of me” Mercy Aigbe

“My husband has turned to a skit maker because of me” Mercy Aigbe

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe Adeoti has publicly appreciated her husband, Kazim Adeoti’s strong support for her first ever cinema project, Ada Omo Daddy, at the movie premiere in Lagos.

The actress broke down in tears while she narrated her dilemma for publicizing the movie on social media before it’s release. She disclosed how she approached her husband for his assistance in projecting the movie and how he agreed to do anything for her.

She knelt down in the screening room to appreciate him in the present of her colleagues and this move got them howling with awwws.

Days before Ada Omo Daddy premiere, Mercy Aigbe gave a lovely husband of the year appreciation to Kazim Adeoti, for his constant support.

Kazim Adeoti has been the backbone of Mercy Aigbe’s career since their controversial marriage in 2022. The couple wagered the storm that came their way by standing tall and holding each others hands.

Different videos on social media have captured how supportive Kazim Adeoti has been to his second wife’s latest project which is set for the cinemas. Videos of when the gentle looking movie marketer was garbed in a female attire or something contrary to his personality to promote his wife’s hard work.

In appreciation for the constant support, Mercy Aigbe surprised her husband with flowers amidst the crew of her crew. She is grateful for having him in her life.

Sometime back, she opened up on the lessons she learnt from her marriage to Kazim Adeoti following the success of their grand Ramadan lecture.

Mercy Aigbe disclosed that she had learnt a lot from her second marriage, and it is an exciting experience for her.


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