Inspired by his son’s journey, Mohbad’s father steps into the studio

Inspired by his son's journey, Mohbad's father steps into the studio

In a recent development that has taken social media by storm, a video surfaced showing the father of the late artist Mohbad in a recording studio, engaging in a song session. This occurrence has sparked a wave of reactions, with many noting the resemblance between him and his late son, Mohbad.

The timing of this studio session, coming just two months after Mohbad’s passing, has led to mixed feelings among netizens. Some have criticized Mohbad’s father, suggesting he might be exploiting his son’s musical legacy to gain attention for his own musical endeavors. This assumption has added to the complexity of the situation, considering the ongoing mourning for Mohbad.

The backdrop to this event is a series of family disputes following Mohbad’s death. His mother had previously accused Mohbad’s father of hindering the DNA testing process by not releasing the body, which is crucial for determining the cause of death. In a counter-accusation, Mohbad’s paternal aunt lambasted Mohbad’s mother for allegedly abandoning her children at a young age and starting a new family elsewhere, leading to heightened family tensions.

Amidst these family conflicts, the investigation into Mohbad’s death remains a point of focus. Initially, Naramani and Samnari were under suspicion, but later scrutiny shifted towards Mohbad’s wife, Omaomi, and a close friend, both of whom were among the last to see him alive. The public eagerly awaits the DNA results, hoping for clarity on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s tragic demise.


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