Regina Daniels discloses the unique name her stepson has saved her with

Regina Daniels discloses the unique name her stepson has saved her with

Nollywood star Regina Daniels recently shared a heartwarming update with her fans on social media, where she showed the affectionate bond she shares with her step-children.

In a revelation on her Instagram, Daniels disclosed how one of her step-sons, in a playful yet affectionate manner, saved her contact in his phone. Labeling her as ‘coolest stepmom in the world, Sweet16’, this gesture left Daniels brimming with joy, which she reflected in her caption, “mothers and always wanting more.”

This instance is not the first time Daniels has experienced the warmth and generosity of her step-children. Back in August, she was overjoyed when her step-son, Amir Nwoko, surprised her with a thoughtful gift. Daniels shared the joyous moment on Instagram, detailing how Amir bought her a fabric worth 15,000 Naira.

This act of kindness occurred during a visit to a fabric store, where Amir, seeing an opportunity, decided to purchase the wrapper for Daniels. The actress, moved by this gesture, took to the streets in a spontaneous dance, expressing her gratitude and happiness.

In another significant moment back in July 2023, Daniels had sent a powerful message to her fans. Accompanying a stunning photo of herself looking radiant, she captioned it with a reflection on her personal growth.

She emphasized that although she remains the same person with the same name, her mindset and lifestyle have evolved significantly. The photograph, featuring her alongside her husband Ned Nwoko, was taken as they were en route to his new office in the House of Assembly.


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