“I’m heavily pregnant” Gracious Brown announces

“I’m heavily pregnant” Gracious Brown announces

In a recent development, the sister to James Brown, popular cross-dresser who goes by the name Gracie Brown, has revealed that she is pregnant.

Taking to the X-Platform, she announced that she is heavily pregnant and that her baby was here to stay. She also further revealed that she was not going to abort the baby.

She shared a picture video of herself dancing with a close friend as she showed her rounded belly. She also further captioned the video,

“A baby is a blessing, not a curse.”

In her words, she says,

“I am heavily pregnant and my baby is here to stay. I am not going to abort my blessed baby.”

Now also recall that back in the beginning of March of 2024, James Brown’s sister had cried out over the amount of hate comments and trolls that she keeps receiving from netizens.

She made a lot of netizens worried when she took to her Instagram story to express that she was at a point in her life where she just wanted to die. In her words, she expressed,

“I just want to sleep and never wake up again. I can’t live my life in peace again. This is too much for me.”

She further shared a picture of her teary eyed face on her Instagram, which sparked more speculation that something was really wrong with her.

Now recall that back in 2022, James Brown has stated reactions on social media after he referred to his younger sister, Gracious Brown, as a man. In an Instagram post, the cross dresser had praised his sister and further referred to her as a brother.


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