Comedian OGB splash 48 million naira on a diamond watch

Comedian OGB splash 48 million naira on a diamond watch

In a recent development, Uzoanuke Michael Charles Okechukwu,Skitmaker OGB has taken to his social media page to reveal a luxurious new watch to his fans and followers.

This watch reportedly cost a whopping 48 million naira. This is also coming barely weeks after he splurged on a new multimillion naira house.

The famed skit maker took to his Instagram page on Saturday, February 10 of 2024 to announce the good news with videos and photos of his car with his followers.

The news of the purchase generated reactions on social media, with many individuals taking to the comment page of the post to congratulate him.

The popular skit maker, OGB, also a few months back expressed his view on people who do not have up to six figures in their account.

Taking to Twitter, he revealed that if you are an individual and do not have six figures, then you should not be able to sleep at night. He also went on to express that if you find yourself sleeping when you don’t have up to 1 million Naira in your account, then you are not yet ready, hinting at the fact that you needed to be more agile in pursuit of money.

Also back in 2023, he had faced backlash over a tweet regarding virginity and marital aspirations.

He hammered on the the irony of non-virgin women desiring to marry wealthy individuals, contrasting this with the biblical Virgin Mary who married a carpenter, Joseph.

This tweet has sparked controversy, especially among women, who criticized it as insensitive and derogatory.


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