“I have a high sex drive” Actor Etim Effiong reveals

“I have a high sex drive” Actor Etim Effiong reveals

Actor Actor Etim Effiong and his wife Toyosi have recently sparked conversations after they spoke on their sex drive in a recent interview with Toolz.

During the interview, Toolz asked the couple about the amount of times they think married couples should have sex. The video, which aired on ShowMax, saw Etim Effiong taking a personal answer to the question as he hinted at having sex consistently.

He also further revealed that he is a Calabar man and most Calabar men are known for their high sex drive. He went on to express that, even if he was sleeping at night and you wake him up to have sex, he would gladly oblige.

During the interview, Toolz had askied the couple how their relationship had developed, Etim Effiong had expressed how Toyosi had been a bold woman in the relationship and it had caught his attention.

He had further expressed how she had been the one to make the sexy and sultry moves, which eventually got his attention.

Now, recall that Toyosi had, back in January, spoken out about Kunle Remi’s and Tiwi’s marriage. In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she revealed that she had had some mixed feelings when she first found out that Tiwi was getting married to Kunle Remi because Tiwi was her friend.

But then, over time, after having several conversations and observations about him, the fear had subsided and she was now extremely happy for the couple. However, people could not help but note that her goodwill message to the couple had a bit of an offensive note to it.

They called her out for not being straightforward and for hinting at the fact that the new couple might encounter some challenges in their marriage.

Now, also recall that back in November of 2022, Etim and his wife Toyosi had celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary with beautiful photos of each other as well as their beautiful family. Etim Effiong had taken to his instagram to hush over the fact that his wife was a favor and gift from God.


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