Apostle Joseph Suleman celebrates wife on birthday

Apostle Joseph Suleman celebrates wife on birthday

Apostle Joseph Suleman, in a recent appreciation note to his wife, appreciated her for standing by him throughout everything.

Celebrating her birthday on his Instagram page, he shared some beautiful photos of himself and his wife together, as he thanked her for loving God exceptionally, as well as always being by him.

He also thanked God for keeping her alive while also glorifying her for being an example of a virtuous woman.

In his words, he says,

“Happy birthday, darling. I thank God for keeping you alive and well. Thank you for being an example of a virtuous woman. Thank you for loving God exceptionally. Thank you for standing by me through it all. The children and I celebrate you. Thank you for being a dynamic mother to all. On this glorious day of yours, I am full of thanks to God and you. I pray that the best of your past shall be the last of your future. In Jesus name, happy birthday, girl. I love you.”

Now, recall that back in 2023, Nigerian singer Charlie Boy had warned founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Joseph Suleman, as he revealed that he had a dream where somebody had cut off his penis.

The legendary singer noted how the clergyman had been involved in a lot of controversies and scandalous news over the years. He further admitted that many Nigerian pastors were fraudulent and scumbag. However, he believes that Apostle Selman is one of the few who really bears the brunt.

He also warned the controversial clergyman to be careful of the women around him. Now, recall that over the past years, Apostle Selman has been linked to several actresses from Halima Abubakar to Sian George, etc.

Also recall that in January of 2023, Halima Abubakar had opened up about her alleged affair with the clergyman. The actress, who was embattled with the lawsuits filed against her by the clergyman, took to Instagram in an interview to spill tea about their affair.

She further expressed that he had sent her 500,000 Naira to show that he was serious in his relationship with her. She also insisted that she never knew that the man was married as he had told her that he was separated from his wife. She was however completely shocked when she found out that he was still with his wife.


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